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Carpet Prices

A resource dedicated to carpet prices and more flooring related issues.

Depending on a number of different factors, carpet prices can vary widely.  This site was created to help you become as well prepared as you possibly can when buying a carpet or any related services or accessories.  We’ll be discussing average prices for a number of different things, all with the aim of helping you find the best deal possible.

Generally speaking, carpet prices are measured per square foot.  The bigger the room you’re looking to cover, the more you’ll have to pay.  However, there are some retailers who sell carpet per square yard.  If you can find a deal that’s offered per square yard, you’ll want to use a calculator to see the cost per square foot.  However, carpet priced per square yard will usually be cheaper, as the price per square foot can often be used as a decoy to make the carpet seem cheaper.

Average carpet prices will really depend on the quality of the carpet.  You may ask, “how much does carpet cost”, but the answer is very subjective.  Having said that, let’s take a look at a few general price ranges you should expect if you’re shopping for carpets.

The cheapest carpet, also referred to as low grade, can be had for as low as $1.30 per square foot, ranging up to about $1.75 per square foot.  Such a carpet surface would be recommended in a room where you’re not looking to win style points.  This would most likely be the right fit in a setting that’s likely to get stains, dirt, and other physical activity and debris that wears the carpet down over time.  Maybe a commercial setting, a basement, or a laundry room would benefit most from this.

The next step up, also known as base grade (or upgrade), can range up to $2.00 per square foot, with a base price of roughly $1.70.  Base grade carpet prices are pretty affordable in the grand scheme of things, but you’ll still be lacking the quality that you’d look for in a nicer room of your house.

Going up one more range, medium grade carpet prices can range anywhere from $2 to $4 per square foot.  You’ll find some pretty nice carpets within this range, and the most important distinguishing feature about them is the fact that they will hold up well to foot traffic and other activity.

Lastly, highest grade carpet prices can be $4.00 or more.  When you’re getting this high, you’re looking at some high quality floor coverings.  You’ll often be able to get carpet installation prices included in the cost of this, and you should ask for it if it’s not offered.

Home Depot carpet prices will generally follow the guidelines mentioned above, as will deals at Lowes and other major retailers.  If you’re getting your carpet from a smaller vendor, you may want to try bargaining down on the rate.  You’d be surprised at the money you can save by doing this.

In order to determine the square yardage of your room, simply measure the length and width in feet, multiply them to determine the area, and then divide by 9.  From there, you’ll know how many square yards your room is, and what you should come to expect as far as carpet prices are concerned.