A look into the world of carpet prices and more flooring issues

Average Carpet Prices Based On Style, Thickness, Durability And More

Average carpet prices and flooring cost vary by style, thickness, installation options, and more.

When considering the floor coverings for your home there are a number of options available. While the different types have their advantages, for the underfoot comfort that it provides a carpet can be a good choice to make. These are available in a number of styles and materials meaning that most people can likely find a style that will suit the d├ęcor of their home. However carpeting your home can be a major investment and it is always sensible to consider cost. Looking at average carpet prices should give you an idea of the likely cost to install carpets in your home.

Measuring The Potential CarpetArea

Before looking into average carpet prices the sensible course of action is to decide which rooms in your home you want to carpet and measure the floor area of these. A major factor in the final cost will be the area of floor to be carpeted and working this out at the outset will better help you estimate the likely cost of installing carpets in your home.

Cost Factors

Once you know the area of carpet you require there are a few factors which will affect the average carpet prices that you will pay to have a carpet installed. The costs that will need to be taken into consideration include padding, which is the material laid below a carpet. While this is an additional cost at the outset, padding can extend the useful life of a carpet and therefore can be cost effective over time. The second cost to take into consideration is the cost of the carpet itself and this will depend on the quality of carpet you choose. This can range from more affordable carpet tiles to expensive shag pile carpets at the premium end of the market. The final cost to consider is installation cost with the price of a professional carpet fitter being a factor in the final price.

Carpet Padding

In terms of carpet padding the average costs typically vary between around $3 and $6. This will depend on the thickness of the padding and material used which varies depending on the type of carpet being installed. In terms of installation the average prices will also typically vary between around $3 and $6.

Typical Final Cost

Average carpet prices will depend on the type of carpet being installed and may be measured by square foot or yard. The most affordable option is carpet tiles and these typically do not require professional installation. The prices for these can start at around $9 per square yard. The cost of carpet will typically vary from around $15 to $20 per square yard at the more affordable end of the market up to around $100 per square yard at the premium end of the market.

Shopping For The Right Carpet

A simple way to find the type of carpet you can afford is to take the budget you have in terms of total cost and divide this by the square yardage of carpet you need. This will give you an idea of the average carpet prices you can afford in cost per square yard. It is then simple to use this price to look at the type and style of carpets available for this cost.

Purchasing carpet can provide a fashionable and hard wearing surface for the rooms in your home. Considering the average carpet prices that you can afford will give you an idea of the type of carpets which are available for your budget. Once this is known you can then make a choice as to the type of carpet which best suits your needs.