A look into the world of carpet prices and more flooring issues

Padding, Carpet Installation Prices And Total Cost

Carpet installation prices by a contractor may be determined by a number of factors, including the dimensions, carpeting type, and more.

There are two ways that services will usually quote you when it comes to carpet installation prices.  Some will quote you per square foot, while others will quote you per square yard.

Quotes By Square Yard Or Foot

Generally speaking, quotes that you get per square yard will usually be better carpet installation prices than those based on square footage.  Many believe that companies do it by square foot since the number will be smaller, though it will usually be more than one third the amount of your standard square yardage price, meaning that it’s simply not a better deal.

Total Cost

According to people around the country, carpet installation prices average about $3.50 to $4.00 in the industry.  This is based on square yardage, though there are a few extra costs that one may incur during a routine carpet installation.

If you’re looking for carpet pad installation with the job, this may cost you up to 50 extra cents per square foot, and the same rate would apply to a situation where you needed your old carpet removed.  If you can do these things yourself, all the better.  However, keep in mind that a 1,000 square foot home needing carpet installation would essentially consist of 33 square yards.  At 50 cents per square yard, this is only an extra 20 dollars or so.  The extra money spent might be worth the convenience factor in this case.

Buying From Retail Stores

In order to get the best carpet installation prices, there are a few things that you may be able to do.  If you’re buying your carpet from Home Depot, Lowes, Shaw, Empire, Berber, or any other major carpet retailer, there’s a very good chance that they’ll offer their services with your purchase.  In fact, they’d love nothing more than to install your carpet, as this is another way for them to make money with some attractive margins (labor is essentially the only cost here).

Buying From Independent Contractors

However, you may find that you get better carpet installation rates if you call an independent service to do the job for you.  They’ll be happy to have your business, and will likely be motivated to beat the rate that your carpet retailer quoted you at.

Another thing that you can consider doing is trying to negotiate with the retailer of the carpet you plan on buying.  Try to get the carpet installation prices dropped, or even included with the purchase of your carpet.  They’ll want your business, and they’ll see that if this is what convinces you to make your purchase with them, they may very well decide to offer you free carpet installation with your purchase.

Getting The Most Out of Your Money

You’ll also want to make sure that adequate carpet padding is included with your purchase.  Get your carpet installer to lay down the padding in advance.  Without padding, your carpet is likely to wear down more quickly, which you’ll obviously want to avoid.

Get some quotes on carpet installation prices before making a decision, but use your need for an installation to develop some leverage.  Many will be fighting for your business, especially in today’s economy.  Take advantage of this and you’ll enjoy the benefits.

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