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Carpet Padding Prices And Total Cost Per Square Yard Or Foot

Carpet padding prices depend on the thickness of the pad, with the average cost measured per square yard or foot.

Laying carpets in your home can be a good choice when considering the options for floor coverings. They have the advantage of being comfortable underfoot as well as being attractive and hard wearing. To get the best use from a carpet it is typically recommended that separate padding is laid below it. Carpet padding prices will add a little extra to the initial cost of installing a carpet although the advantages it provides mean it can be a worthwhile expense.

What Is Carpet Padding?

Carpet padding is a separate layer of material which a carpet is laid on top of. There are a number of benefits to using it and although it is not an absolute requirement that it be used, it is generally recommended to be a good option. Some of the benefits include that it can help to extend the useful life of a carpet. The cushion effect of the padding helps to absorb the wear of someone walking on the carpet and also helps the pile of the carpet to spring back up. This can make the carpet last longer in good condition.


The comfort of a carpet laid on padding is also considered to be increased which will be felt by those walking on it. Any unevenness in a floor surface is taken up by the padding rather than the carpet and this also can make the carpet more comfortable to walk on. Padding also has good acoustic and insulating properties. This can help to make a room in which it is laid quieter and warmer.

These advantages can make separate padding a good option when laying a carpet. While carpet padding prices are an additional cost when installing the carpet, over time they can be cost effective by ensuring the carpet lasts longer. This puts off the major cost of replacing the carpet until a later date.

Types Of Padding

The type of carpet padding used will generally depend on the type of carpet. In many cases a carpet manufacturer will specify the type or weight of padding to be used with a carpet and the manufacturers warranty will be dependent on this being used. It can therefore be common sense to use this to ensure the carpet warranty is not invalidated. There are a few different materials that can be used for carpet padding with the major ones being foam, rubber and fiber.

Here is a good video on how to decide which type might fit your needs.


Carpet padding prices will generally depend on the thickness of the padding used and the material. In most cases the cost will fall somewhere between around $3 and $6 per square yard. However different retailers can sell it for different costs and it can pay to shop around to find the best cost available.

Why Padding Is Important

With the benefits that it provides, carpet padding can be a common sense option to use when you are laying carpets in your home. While carpet padding prices may seem like an unnecessary additional cost, they will pay for themselves over time Using carpet padding ensures that your carpets will remain in better condition for a longer time and that the room in which it is laid is a more comfortable place to be.