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Carpet Padding For Indoor and Outdoor Floor Protection

Carpet padding is a wise investment if you'd like to protect your carpet and floor, with many carpeting pads for indoor and outdoor use.

Installing carpet padding with your new carpets is essential, if you want to be able to enjoy the floors in your home for years to come.  The problem with not installing padding of some sort is simply that your floor will not last as long, and you’ll require carpet replacement over time.  But by installing carpet padding, you increase the life of your carpeting by literally years.  You’ll be able to keep that great bounce that new carpet features for much longer, and you can ensure that you’ll be proud of the way that your home looks at any time.  It’s just a matter of finding the right type of pad to add to your floor.

What Are The Benefits Of Carpet Padding?

The basic principle behind carpet padding, is that it allows you to add more cushioning to your floor, so that you can retain the bounce of your carpet fibers for longer.  This way, with each step, instead of just pressing down on the carpet fibers themselves, you’ll be touching the pad as well, which will in turn absorb a lot of the shock.  On average, the standard person can put over 100lbs of pressure per square inch of carpeting, and over time that’s really going to add up.  But with the right carpet padding, you can be sure it doesn’t add up as quickly, so that you can really retain the quality of your carpeting for longer.

Types Of Padding

The main thing, is deciding on the right type of carpet padding for you.  That means you’ll want to find a thickness that’s acceptable for your home.  You’ll find that some types of padding can actually be quite thick, and while this offers more protection, it can be harder to install or deal with.  But what’s more, it can just be impossible for you to install and retain the smooth flat look of your floors.  This means you’re going to want to go with a thickness that offers plenty of protection, but you also want to be sure that you’re able to keep your carpet looking flat and smooth, which is what most people want in the first place.

Of course, you can also choose different types of options from your carpet padding as well.  Some is made to provide extra shock absorption, to ensure that your carpet keeps that healthy bounce.  But other types are absorbent, and can actually help you fight stains by soaking up liquids before they can settle into the carpet fibers.  This can be a great satin guard that really serves you well in the long run, and you’ll be amazed by the way that this allows your carpeting to stay beautiful.  However, special types of padding can cost you more in the end as well, and that’s something not everyone is prepared for.

Buying The Padding

You can find carpet padding at literally any flooring supplier, and at most standard department stores. Any retailer like Walmart or Home Depot will be able to provide you with the type of protection that you want for your home.  It’s just a matter of finding the carpet padding that you trust the most to keep your floor in top condition for a lifetime.

Once you have this all figured out and are ready to install, check out this video for more information.