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Carpet Repair For A Burn, Patch, Tear, Stain, Etc.

Whether for a burn, patch, stain, or tear, there are plenty of carpet repair contractors and services to handle your needs.

Most carpets these days are designed to be tough and durable. This should mean that they will last a long time. However over time carpets can become worn and damaged and the options available can be to replace them or repair them. If you decide to use carpet repair to extend the life of your floor covering you can try and do this yourself for smaller repairs. However, for larger repairs it may be more sensible to call on the help of an expert.

Damaging a carpet with a burn or stain for example can be annoyance and can be detrimental to the look of a room. This is also the case if a carpet has worn out or threadbare areas. Purchasing a completely new carpet can be expensive and may not be practical. This is especially the case if the rest of the carpet still remains in relatively good condition. In this case it may be better to consider a carpet repair and there are a number of techniques which can be used.

If the fibers of your carpet are burnt then using a razor blade to shave off the melted ends is a viable method of carpet repair. However this only works if the burn is not too deep. If a burn is deeper but not too large then adding some fibers is an option for repairing. The best way to do this is to use a razor to shave out the damaged fibers down to the backing. You then need to borrow some carpet fibers from an area where their loss will not be noticed such as under a radiator. If you have an old cut of carpet this can be better place to take the fibers from. Once you have the fibers use a small implement to add a little glue to the shaved out area and stick the new fibers in. While not perfect it should disguise the area where the damage occurred.

For larger areas of damage a patch carpet repair can be a more viable option. For this repair the damaged section of carpet is completely cut out and replaced with a patch of new carpet. However this will only work if you have a leftover section of carpet from which you can cut the patch.

Taking on smaller carpet repairs yourself is an option and there are a few products on the market that can help you with this. These include the CIPA Fabric and Carpet repair kit which costs around $8 to purchase, the Carpet & Upholstery Repair Kit by RepairPlus1 which also costs $8 and the Fabric, Carpet & Upholstery Repair Kit by Lifetime which is available for $12.

If you are not confident about taking on a larger repair job by yourself it can be more sensible to call on the services of a carpet repair company. These can typically be found in a local directory or by a search on the internet and most areas have companies which provide this service. One of those to look to is Venturi which provides both carpet cleaning and restoration services.

If your carpet is damaged or worn it can be a more cost effective option to undertake a carpet repair than to replace the entire carpet. For this reason it can be a common sense option and whether you do the repair yourself or use an expert, the look of your carpet should be greatly improved and this will extend its useful life.