A look into the world of carpet prices and more flooring issues

Home, Office And Commercial Carpet Tile And Squares

Carpet tile is an affordable form of flooring for home, office and commercial use, and many carpeting squares come at cheap discount prices.

When considering the floor covering for your home or office there are a number of options to choose from. This can include carpets, wooden floors, ceramic tiles and laminates. However if you are looking for a simple and affordable means with which to cover a floor, one of the best options is a carpet tile layout.

What Is Carpet Tile?

A carpet tile is basically a small, square section of carpet which is laid on the floor in the style of tiles. They are usually made of synthetic materials such as nylon although it is possible to find them made of natural materials such as wool. These carpet squares come in a variety of designs and can be a plain color or patterned. The type of carpeting tile you use will largely depend on the room in which they are being placed. Kitchens and bathrooms typically benefit from using a hard wearing style while rooms such as bedrooms and family rooms can be more suited to a plush, softer style.

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Using the carpet tile look can have a number of benefits over other types of floor coverings. Because they are small in size they are easy to carry meaning you can easily purchase and transport them to your home. While larger floor coverings such as hardwood floors and carpets are usually installed by a professional fitter, carpet tiles are simple to lay and there is little problem in doing this yourself. There is minimal preparation work required and tiles can be laid straight on top of most other materials.


Maintenance of carpet tiles can also be easier than other floor coverings. If a tile suffers damage it can be easily be removed and replaced. The original tile can be cleaned, repaired and replaced or it is affordable to simply drop a new tile in place with little effort required to do this. If you use carpet tiles in your home it can be a good idea to purchase a few more than you need. This way you can keep some in storage in the event that a carpet tile is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Places To Buy

If the carpet tile look is something you want to use in your home there are a number of places from which they can be purchased. Before doing so you will need to measure the area of the room in which they will be used to estimate the number required. However this is a fairly simple task and retailers which have them available include Home Depot and Target to name a few. Most localities have specialty carpet and flooring stores and these will also generally have a selection of different carpet tiles for sale.


The cost to buy carpet tiles is generally affordable in comparison to other floor coverings. Home Depot, for example, have tiles available that cost from around $1 per square feet to $4 per square feet. With little additional cost for accessories and the fact that you can install them yourself this makes it an affordable floor covering.

Using a carpet tile look in your home or office can be both affordable and decorative. The various designs available mean that most people should be able to find a look that matches the d├ęcor of their home. This makes carpet tiles a good option to consider when you are looking into the best way to cover your floors.