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Do It Yourself and Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning Options

Dry carpet cleaning can be performed by many cleaners and machines, including chem, foam, and steam methods for stain removal and more.

There are various floor coverings that can be used in a home with the carpet being one of the most popular. As with any floor covering, it is important to keep a carpet clean and maybe more so as the fibers of a carpet can trap dirt, dust and allergens which can cause problems for the residents of a home. Cleaning is also important in terms of the appearance of a home, with a clean carpet helping to enhance the look of a room. There are various options for keeping a carpet clean, although dry carpet cleaning is a choice that many people opt for these days.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning was developed as an alternative to the more common water or steam based methods for cleaning a carpet. It can be a useful method and can be effective at removing stains as well as cleaning a carpet of dirt, dust and allergens. In dry cleaning, chemicals are used in combination with cleaning equipment to provide no moisture or very low moisture cleaning. The major advantage of this is that the drying time of the carpet is much quicker. This means a room that is dry cleaned can be used almost straight away after cleaning as opposed to other methods where the carpet has to be left to dry for a period of time before the room can be used.

There are a few different methods of dry carpet cleaning available and while these can be done professionally, there are also products on the market which can be used by a homeowner to dry clean a carpet themselves.

Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder cleaning is a method where a powder is sprinkled onto a carpet and left to work. For more effective cleaning the powder can be brushed into the carpet to push the powder deeper into the fibers. The powder works by attracting dirt to it and when this is vacuumed the powder and dirt is removed leaving the carpet clean, dry and ready for use.

Bonnet Cleaning

Another method of dry carpet cleaning is bonnet cleaning. This uses a cleaning agent mixed with carbonated water which is misted onto the surface of the carpet followed by which a rotating buffer machine is used to clean the carpet and lift the dirt. A similar type of method is dry foam cleaning where a dry chemical foam is applied to the carpet and a buffer machine is used to scrub the carpet and remove the dirt.

Cleaning A Carpet Yourself

If you want to dry clean a carpet yourself there are a few products available on the market which can be used for this. An example of this is Capture by Milliken Chemical which can typically be found at retailers such as Home Depot and Sears. This costs around $20 for a 4lb tub and the powder is used by sprinkling it on a stain, brushing it in and then vacuuming to remove.

Here is one type of chem dry cleaning technique that can be done by you or a pro.

Professional Cleaning

If you want your carpet professionally dry cleaned there are a few companies that provide this service. Chem-Dry is an example of this and they use a hot carbonation extraction method to dry clean a carpet. Host is another company that can dry clean carpets and you can either hire their machines to do the work yourself or use the services of a professional cleaner.

Dry carpet cleaning is a simple method that can be used to effectively clean your carpets. As the name implies the carpet will remain relatively dry during the process and this means that as soon as the carpet is cleaned it is ready for use. This avoids the frustrating wait for a carpet to dry before a room can be used again.