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Hardwood Floor Installation Cost And Flooring Prices

Hardwood floor installation cost doesn't have to come at high prices to install your flooring.

Hardwood floors can bring an attractive look to the rooms in your home and this makes it a popular choice of flooring. If you decide to install this in a room or rooms in your home then you will need to decide on the type of wood to be used and this will have an impact on your hardwood floor installation cost. It will therefore pay to shop around a little to find a suitable hardwood floor that is within your budget.

Options To Consider

There are a couple of options when considering a hardwood floor for your home and these will have an impact on the hardwood floor installation cost. As its name suggests, a solid hardwood floor uses solid pieces of timber. An alternative to this is an engineered hardwood floor and this is made of several layers which are glued together. This tends to be a stronger form of construction, is generally more structurally sound and less likely to buckle or twist. It is also easier to install and can be placed directly on a concrete base which you cannot do with a solid hardwood floor.

Advantages Of Hardwood

There are a few advantages of using a hardwood floor in your home. It is a durable surface that will be long lasting. It is also an attractive look which can greatly enhance the style of a room. For these reasons many people like to use it. When considering it for your home you need to consider the cost of the material as well as the hardwood floor installation cost. Companies generally recommend that hardwood floors are professionally installed by trained technicians, although there are some people who consider doing it themselves.


Hardwood floor installation cost will be affected by a few factors. As indicated above, these can include the type of material used and whether it is solid or engineered hardwood. If the wood to be installed is finished, this can make the cost of installation cheaper as compared to finishing the wood after it has been laid. If you have professionals installing the floor then labor cost will need to be included and this can vary from area to area and company to company.

Shopping/Buying Hardwood With Installation

The best way to find out installation costs for a hardwood floor is to ask the companies you are dealing with to include it in an estimate. This way you can compare and contrast the estimates you receive to find the most affordable cost. Typically the cost to install a hardwood floor should be around $10 or less although it is best to ask for details to be included in a quote.

Lowe’s is just one company who can help you either with installing it yourself, or preparing yourself with what to expect from them.

A hardwood floor can be an attractive addition to your home and should serve you well for many years. While the cost of the material is an important consideration the hardwood floor installation cost should not be overlooked as this will add to the final cost of purchasing and installing the floor. While installing a hardwood floor yourself is an option to reduce cost, having it professionally installed can be more cost effective over the long term. Trained technicians will typically do a better job of installing a hard wood floor and this can help to make the floor last longer in your home.