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Mohawk Carpet Prices And Total Cost Per Square Foot

Mohawk carpet prices for square foot can be found at discount rates and high end pricing, and vary based on a number of different factors.

Mohawk carpet prices can vary greatly depending upon how much material you need, as well as the type of carpeting you choose.   There are a variety of different styles, as well as material types that are perfect for different uses.  Only by determining the styles that you’re interested in, and also the type of material that you need for your home, can you really figure out the Mohawk carpet prices that will apply to you.  That means you’ll need to do a little preparation, so that you can get an accurate estimate of how much the job will cost.  That way you can stay under budget, and find the perfect carpeting that you can afford.

Measuring Your Floors

So the first task, before you’ll be able to determine the Mohawk carpet prices that apply to you, will be measuring the room, or rooms, in question.  Typically the easiest method is to measure one side of the room, and it’s adjoining side.  This way you’ve measured exactly half of the entire rectangular surface.  Then by multiplying both numbers by each other, you will have an accurate measurement for how many square feet the entire room encompasses.  This will allow you to browse Mohawk carpet prices, and determine exactly how much the materials for your room will cost you, exactly.

Types of Carpet

Although that’s not the only determining factor, another thing that you’ll need to consider is the type of carpet that applies to you.  There are two different factors that govern the type of carpet you’ll need, and perhaps the most important is the durability that the surface provides.  Heavy duty materials will cost more, but will also keep the carpet looking pristine in high traffic areas.  The problem with using a cheap surface in a high traffic area, is that they carpet will get worn down, and lose it’s bouncy and beautiful visual appeal, extremely quickly.  This means you’ll want to match the quality of the carpeting to the area of your home in which it will be installed.


Another thing to consider, will be the type of style that you choose with your carpeting.  This will also be an important factor in determining the Mohawk carpet prices you can expect to pay in the end.  One of the most common types is cut-pile, and this consists of tightly woven fibers that have been cut to provide a smooth and even surface.  The major alternative, is choosing shag carpeting, which features fibers of all different lengths, and also tends to be much softer and more luxurious.  Typically cut-pile is the least expensive, while shag can be more expensive because of it’s more luxurious appeal.

Cost and Pricing

In most cases the Mohawk carpet prices you can expect will fall between $1 and $5 per square foot.  The more heavy duty the carpeting, as well as luxurious texture, the more expensive the cost will be in the end.  You should be able to find Mohawk carpeting from a variety of different dealers in your area, and you can find a store by using the company website at MohawkFlooring.com.  Remember to shop around, so that you can find the best possible Mohawk carpet prices.