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Patterned Carpet: Choosing The Right One

Patterned carpet brings great design and style to wall to wall carpets and tiles, with many patterns and colors enhancing rooms.

While there are a number of different options for the type of floor covering in your home one of the best options can be a carpet. These can be luxurious and comfortable although they are also typically hard wearing and long lasting. They come in a variety of styles and designs and while a plain colored carpet can make a good choice, a patterned carpet is also an option.

Types Available

A patterned carpet is typically available in a range of colors and designs meaning whatever the décor of your home you should be able to find one that blends in. While a plain carpet needs to be a more subtle color such that it is not too overpowering, a carpet with a pattern can have a mixture of bright and more subtle colors to provide a fashionable and attractive look.


There are a few advantages to using a patterned carpet as opposed to a plain carpet. They can be a better option in areas which get high foot traffic and are therefore more likely to get dirty. The carpet pattern and the fact that it is multi-colored tend to disguise any dirt and discoloration a little better and this means the carpet will retain its looks for a longer period. Plain carpets, especially in a pale color, tend to show up dirt and stains quite easily and this means that the carpet can look a little shabbier between the times it is cleaned. This also means there is more effort required in keeping a plain carpet looking good and it may have to be cleaned more often. The same can also be said about small areas of damage that a carpet may suffer through wear and tear. A patterned carpet tends to disguise these a little better meaning it can typically last longer than a plain carpet.

Where to Buy

If you decide to purchase a patterned carpet for your home there are a few manufacturers that produce them. Some of the biggest manufacturers in the world are based in the USA and these include Shaw Industries, Mohawk Carpet and Beaulieu of America. These produce a wide range of both patterned and plain carpets which are supplied to retailers around the world.

If you are looking to purchase a patterned carpet there are a number of outlets where they can be found for sale. If you have internet access then one of the simplest ways of finding the stores nearest you is to access the websites of the manufacturers and use their store locator features. By simply entering your zip code, city or state you will be given a list of the retailers that stock and sell the manufacturers carpets in your locality. Other than this, most neighborhoods have specialty carpet and flooring stores which can be visited to view the patterned style carpets they have available.  This is also true of some of the major home improvement chains such as Home Depot and Lowes.

How Much?

The cost you pay for a carpet with a pattern will depend on the size required and the quality of manufacture. At the more affordable end of the market costs of around $15 to $20 per square yard are common. For higher quality, premium carpeting this can rise to around $100 per square yard.

A patterned carpet can be a good investment for your home and it can be an attractive and durable floor covering. This makes it worth considering when you are furnishing a room in your home.

If you are still having trouble choosing the right carpet, watch this informative video put together by Marc Thee.