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Shag Carpet Options For The Home Or Office

Shag carpet is a stylish contemporary carpeting choice, with colors that include white, black, red, green, brown and more.

Installing shag carpet in your home can be an ideal way to really change the style of any room for the better, and really allow the entire environment to take on a whole new feel.  Not only is this type of carpeting extremely gorgeous to look at, it’s also ideal for feeling great every time you walk across your floor bare foot.  It’s just a matter of finding the most ideal shag carpet for your home. There are a variety of different types, and it’s really about finding the best combination to ensure that your home looks as spectacular as can be.

Basic Information On Shag Carpet

The first thing to realize about shag carpet, is that it’s not like other types of carpeting that you may have had before.  This features very long and uneven strands of fibers, to create a great fluffy look that feels great and looks fantastic.  However, it also requires a lot of upkeep.  It’s important to note before installing that any type of carpeting like this, that you add to your home, needs to be away from high traffic areas.  That means you want to avoid having shag carpet near your doors, or in a dining room where you frequently entertain guests.  That’s because shag can get trampled down pretty easily.  Also, if it becomes dirty it’s almost impossible to clean.

If you have trouble keeping your shag carpet clean, this lady gives a good demonstration on how to keep it clean.

Choosing The Right Location And Color

For that reason, you want to reserve your shag carpet for areas like the living room, bedroom, or even a game room.  Anywhere that you want to create a unique atmosphere, but that won’t be harmful to the material itself is a great idea.  Plus, you also want to pick out a color that’s going to match the room.  You’ll find that you can purchase shag carpet in literally any color that you could want, so that you have plenty of options to conform your room to your own personal tastes.  You’ll find that you can purchase carpeting in deep reds for a unique and brooding look, or you can also find bright colors like off white, or even pinks and blues, no matter what type of style you want.

Shag Rugs

Of course, you can also get the same look in any room by truing out a rug, instead of shag carpet as well.  You’ll find that there are a variety of different types of shag rugs, and they can look just as astounding as carpeting itself, but they are easier to install as well as clean.  Instead of having to use a carpet cleaning system to do what you can, you can simply pick up the rug and literally beat the dirt out of it, from time to time.  Plus rugs allow you to be more creative with your space, and target a specific area for your shag carpet to appear, so that you can really make a more stylish atmosphere that anyone would be receptive to.

Places To Shop

When you’re looking to buy shag carpet, or a rug, there are a variety of places that you can visit.  Usually flooring specialists are best, so that you can find the best carpeting at the best price.  Shag carpet can be expensive, so finding the right price is essential.