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What to Think About When Buying Bathroom Carpeting

If you're looking for bathroom carpeting, make sure you've considered the following factors.

Buying bathroom carpeting is not like buying carpeting for the rest of the home, as there are some special considerations that you have to make here.  Every room of your home probably doesn’t have a toilet, sink and shower, and that means there’s a lot more potential here for spills of all different kinds.  That’s why you’re going to have to think about bathroom carpeting in a way that’s a bit more fitting of the circumstances for which the carpet will be expected to deal with.

Usually this means thinking about finding something that can handle some moisture, as it’s bound to come up no matter who’s going to be using the bathroom.  Whether you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower, some water is going to spill eventually, and you’re going to have to be prepared for this.  But of course you also want to think about style, as that’s pretty vital when it comes time to pick out a fabric of any kind.  That’s why you have to really consider your options before installing bathroom carpeting, to make sure you have something that’s going to remake your bathroom in the best possible way:

Start Out With a Measurement

When you’re looking at options for the carpeting in your bathroom there are going to be several things that you want to think about, and that includes cost as well as how much material you need.  So first off measure the exact width and length of the room.  Then by multiplying those to by one another you can actually get a feel for what your square footage is, and that will give you a good start for estimates.  Most bathroom flooring is sold by the square foot in retailers like bathroom Lowes or Home Depot sections.

Think About Logistics

You want to be sure that your carpet is going to survive being in the bathroom right?  Then you need to look at a few things a bit more differently than you would do if you were installing inside another room of your home.  Instead here you have to think about things like moisture, because there are a lot of sources where water can come from.  So first and foremost you need carpeting with mold proof backing, so that you can ensure moisture is not going to be an issue.

But then you also want to stay away from natural fibers and instead go synthetic.  Everybody will tell you than natural is always the way to go, and in most cases it is going to be.  But synthetic fibers do not hold onto water in the way that natural is going to do, and that means there’s much less of a worry of negative consequences from mold and the like, as you may suffer when you don’t have synthetic fibers.  So always take that extra step, and chance to go the extra mile with a fiber that’s going to support the mold proof backing in ensuring you don’t have a problem.

Get a Realistic View of How the Carpeting is Going to Look

See if you can find bathroom displays or show rooms where you can get a feel for how carpeting looks and feels in general when installed within a bathroom. This way, you can better decide what’s going to work with your bathroom, and what’s going to feel better in the end.  You want to find a fabric that you like the look and feel of, as you’re going to be seeing and feeling a lot of it throughout the years. That’s why carpet samples are a must too, so that you can browse the colors as they will appear when finally installed.

Shop In the Right Places

Finally, you just want to make sure that you’re browsing bathroom carpeting and rug options at the right types of retailers.  That means checking out stores like Home Depot as well as Lowes of course, but you also want to be looking at retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond that may be a bit more streamlined for this sort of thing.  Just make sure you always look around quite a bit, because you never know when you see something better than you had previously liked at a prior store.