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Wool Carpet Flooring Styles And Options

Wool carpet comes in a wide range of styles, and offers a safe and attractive look to any room.

There’s nothing better than wool carpet when you’re looking to give your home a much more natural and comfortable look.  The feeling that wool provides is extremely soft, and comes in a wide variety of different styles, so there’s guaranteed to be something that will perfectly conform to your room.  But prices on wool carpet can vary greatly, so you’ll want to find your money’s worth, by shopping around to find the best possible price.  The only way to do that, is to know exactly how much material you need, so that you can search for the best place to buy your carpeting.

Advantages of Wool

Part of what makes wool carpet such a great choice for any home, is the amount of safety that it offers.  Wool is much safer than other types of carpeting because it is natural, non toxic, and even fire resistant.  When meat with extreme heat the wool is unlikely to burn, or melt, which makes any fire easy to extinguish.  This gives you a chance to stop the flames from spreading, should anything catch fire on your floor.  Plus wool just provides a fantastic natural look that anyone will appreciate.  Plus the carpeting can be treated to conform to practically any style, no matter your personal tastes.

This type of carpet is also easy to clean. Here’s a quick how-to video on how to keep them both safe and clean.

How Much Is Needed For Your Job?

The first task you’ll want to complete before seeking out a wool carpet of any kind, is determining the amount of square feet that you need to cover.  This is important so that you can receive accurate estimates, as to how much the job will cost exactly.  That means you’ll need to accurately measure each room, by length and width.  This way you can multiply the numbers together to get an accurate reading of how many square feet that the room encompasses.  Only by doing this can you determine just how much wool carpet you’ll need, as price is determined per square foot.


From there, you’ll want to pick the style of your wool carpeting.  In most cases, you’ll find that there are two different versions shag, and cut-pile.  The main difference being in the style of the fibers themselves.  When it comes to cut-pile, the surface is trimmed to be more smooth and even, so that you create a much more uniform surface.  Whereas with shag the fibers are of all different lengths, which creates a whole different look.  Usually shag is more expensive, but is also more stylish as well as comfortable, as the extra fiber tends to be much more soft.

Buying Options

When you’re looking to buy wool carpet of any kind, there will be a variety of places in which you can look.  There should be plenty of flooring experts in your area, and typically you can find retailers by using a search engine like Google.  From these stores you’ll want to look at prices, as well as carpet samples to find the best type for your home.  Typically wool carpet should range between $2 and $4 per square foot of material, and anything more probably isn’t worth the price.  Remember to shop around so that you can find the best price possible, for the job.